Single Platform

One platform for all your business needs, Integrate with all your clients from a single source


Stay ahead of the demand, access order information on-the-go. Our mobile technology helps you access information real-time

Tasks Prioritisation

Prioritize client work orders – Rush or normal. Avoid that additional trip to the county office for the same order


Secure channel to meet demanding industry and client needs, secure integration and encrypted email

Online Collaboration

Communicate on the go, accept, reject, and send comments for additional information directly from your mobile phone


Efficient and intelligent reporting system, get reports in various combinations with graphical representations

t Suite Products



The property report generation get complex sometimes and you are posed with TAT and cost constraint at every step. You need a software that understands the pain points that can manage the end to end process and work efficiently to increase productivity and quality.

Direct2Title (D2T) is a property report generation platform that enables Search and tracking documents, tracking progress and property report generation using a cloud based platform with enhanced access security to manage both workflow operations and administration.

D2T Features

  • Auto assigned and distributed workflow system
  • Skill and role based user registration
  • Cloud based solution to eliminate dependency on expensive systems
  • Smart dashboard – Real-time status of your orders
  • Designed to hold huge amount of data and still deliver consistent high performance
  • Automatic e-mail notification on completion of a milestone task
  • Integrated with USPS for address verification
  • Ability to extract the reports to Excel & PDF
  • Easy access to all orders that are out of SLA, orders that are due today, orders that are on high priority etc.
  • Track the Search documents by source like NETR Online, Data Trace, Title Point and Abstractors
  • Online Collaboration
  • Better user experience



Direct2Abstract was created with the goal of making abstractors the focal point of the document retrieval and search process, standardizing your process for document retrieval and providing lenders, servicers and Title companies direct access to a single platform they can reach their abstractors.

Our Platform offers tools and review services to ensure real-time business transactions are fulfilled with high service level marks.

Direct2Abstract is the right SaaS application for abstractors to receive, process, complete and track the orders received. This powerful app will allow you to:

  • Be more productive throughout the working day
  • Focus on the orders based on the priority
  • Handle any clarifications raised by the customer
  • Stay connected real-time with the backend operations team (Place and Chase team) on order level
  • Track your invoices and payments

Direct2Abstract is the right SaaS application for Title Companies to send and track the orders real-time and download the documents through the portal itself. This powerful app will allow you to:

  • Send the orders in single or bulk
  • Prioritize the orders as Normal or Rush
  • Build an in house operations team (Place and Chase team) or stay connected real-time with D2A backend operations team
  • Maintain abstractor relationships by inviting your preferred abstractors or by simply recruit new abstractors from our directory
  • Dashboard and customized reporting

We take pride in the community we've created around Zigo and we'll continue to invest significant resources in it's development.

When you subscribe to Zigo you also get access to our extensive knowledge base containing updated written articles and easy to follow video tutorials.

Mobile App Features

Turn your mobile/tablet device into a document scanner. Efficiently scan and share the documents with the customer with easy clicks.

Mobile Scanning

Turns the device, tablet/mobile, to a document scanner. Efficiently scan and share the documents with the customer through the same platform

Fast Track Orders

D2A enables prioritization, so abstractors can work more efficiently.

Online Collaboration

Abstractors, Place and Chase Team, and Customers may * Place orders * share feedback * respond to comments * put orders on hold status if required. All while keeping everyone updated on the status.

Platform Integration

Direct2Abstract is integrated with key platforms that drive your business, our design supports easy integration to any new system in the future.

Minimum Requirements

Works smoothly even on older generation smartphone hardware due to our efforts invested in design and development

Free App Updates

Don't worry about future costs, pay once and receive all app updates at no extra cost, using our cloud platform



Prospecc is a hybrid mobile app that empower the residential analysts to inspect any properties onsite, in the field and globally – with extensive reporting and real-time dashboard. Prospecc is an access anywhere using iPhone, Android, iPad or the Web Browser, and integrates the industry best practice checklists.

Propsecc has the ability to view the inspectors close to the property to be inspected, live schedule of the inspectors and track the inspectors online. Prospecc generates reports customized to the client needs.

Prospecc Features

  • Ability to locate inspector location, and live schedule of inspectors
  • Customized template design - Capture the information that is important to you and your property owners
  • Timestamped photos – All photos are timestamped and capture the geo location at the time of capture
  • Easily bulk import all properties to be inspected into Prospecc as a CSV file
  • Assignment notifications – Inspectors can instantly know when there are orders assigned for inspection with our push notification feature on both Apple and Android devices
  • Property owners receive reminder text/email notifications 30/15 mins before arrival of inspector. Customers receive notifications on arrival and departure of inspector
  • Dynamic report template configured for every customer and respective inspection type
  • Allow customers to download the inspection report PDF from Prospecc directly
  • Cloud based solution to eliminate dependency on expensive systems
  • Smart dashboard – Real-time status of your orders
  • Online Collaboration
  • Software integration – Prospecc can be integrated to any customer property management platforms
  • Offline feature - For those inspections where there is no connectivity, our offline capabilities ensure you get the inspection done right



@sign is a revolutionary mobile application which enables Attorney to sign (both wet & electronic) after the review of the Title Search documents. This cloud based platform allows the flexibility for Attorney to approve the documents on the GO with real time dashboard for all stakeholders using the platform. Platform supports iOS and Android users.

@Sign Features

  • Customized template design - Capture the information that is important to the customer and generate the attorney certifications or opinions based on the customer report formats.
  • Ability to assign the same order to multiple attorneys of the region, the order will removed from all other attorneys list when an attorney accepts an order
  • Attorney can sign the document using a stylus

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About Us

tSuite Team comprises of a group of young and talented individuals who bring with them rich expertise for having worked with the title industry for many years and pondered over the question – “why can't we make the title workflows simpler and intuitive”. Our products are built to enable you, and our team to support you build your business.


Our SaaS Applications Development Process


Before starting to develop any software product we always take the time to study the market's needs and requirements.


After we understand the real business need, we'll go to the drawing board and design a ground-breaking software product.


With the design in place, it's time for the heavy lifting development work done by our skilled and enthusiastic software developers.


Testing can take a very short or a very long time, depending on the role of the app and it's importance in the business flow.

tSuite is currently our flagship product suite but we're constantly developing new applications. Signup to our newsletter and we'll keep you posted once a month with news about tSuite and our other apps.

Ramu Radhakrishnan

Ramu Radhakrishnan is a seasoned professional with close to 18 years experience in technology products and services spanning Mortgage, eLearning, BPO and Software industries. Ramu led a team of over 100 employees of different technical expertise across Mortgage and Learning divisions of Indecomm.

In his role as CPO he oversees the product development and services of Direc2Abstract which, he believes, will be a turning point for Abstractors and Title companies.

Ramu is a strong believer in Process Thinking and Operational Efficiency.


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