• Services provided across all 50 states covering all traditional appraisal products.

  • our USPAP trained experts work closely with appraiserrs to ensure quality fulfillment with fastest turn times.

Avanze provides services across all 50 states covering all types of traditional appraisal products.

Our USPAP trained experts will work closely with appraisers to ensure quality fulfilment of appraisal reports and reduced overall cycle time.

Dedicated experts with >10 years performing detailed report reviews covering every aspect of the fulfilled appraisal reports.

Reduce overall cycle time on appraisal reports and ensure the highest levels of quality

Our services include
  • Order Placement & price negotiation with Appraisers - 1004/2055 etc.

  • Order follow-up and Fulfilment

  • Appraisal QC Services

  • Uploading appraisal reports back to LOS

II. Broker Products – BPO/CMA:

Services include both exterior & interior broker products:

Our valuation experts will work with the Real Estate brokers and clients to get the orders assigned, ensure timely completion of property inspection and order fulfilment.

We also perform a detailed review validating all data points & MLS ensuring data accuracy / photos submitted.

  • Perform a detailed review comprising the following broad categories – Location, market, age, condition, improvements, neighborhood and comparable

  • Appraiser license verification.

  • Customized and/or detailed appraisal QC ensuring lender requirements.

Managing Vendor Panel

  • Vendor recruitment and onboarding

  • Due Diligence

  • Performance based work allocation to ensure low cost and turn times

  • Performance tracking and ranking

  • Overall performance reporting and continuous feedback

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