Advantage Avanze

Salient Features

  • Aligning our objectives with clients objectives
  • Extended working hours to facilitate rush transactions
  • Enterprise and Custom Applications Support
  • 24x7 Operations - Uninterrupted service Delivery
  • Sufficient checks and tollgates to ensure quality control
  • Hybrid Delivery Model - Multi centers mapped to process complexity and for load balancing
  • Experienced team with diverse skill sets
  • Industry best practices are implemented across all departments
  • Scalable delivery model with ability to ramp-up quickly
  • BCP strategies are in place - To ensure business continuity

Our People


Hiring and Training

We follow a robust process in hiring and training. Employee background verification are conducted as per the client requirements, skill mapping is carried out, and employee benefits programs are implemented. We also encourage various on-site and off-site training and development programs.


Learning and Assessment

Our committed approach to continuous learning and assessment helps us develop well trained talents. Multiple methods such as class-room trainings, computer based learnings, on the job training, continuous improvement sessions, self-assessment sessions followed by feedback sessions are used to support the employee in delivering their best.


Cross Training and Multi Skilling

Based on the skill mapping study, all employees are cross trained in multiple processes to encourage multi skilling and break monotonous routine. This helps us to efficiently manage fluctuating volume and ensures availability of cross trained and multi skilled resources at all times.delivering their best.


Rewards and Recognition

Our rewards and recognition programs are clearly aligned to pay for performance and the customer metrics. These programs are given high importance to ensure employee motivation

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