Turn Your Mobile/Tablet Device Into A Document Scanner


Direct2Abstract was created with the goal of making abstractors the focal point of the document retrieval and search process, standardizing your process for document retrieval and providing lenders, servicers and Title companies direct access to a single platform they can reach their abstractors.

Our Platform offers tools and review services to ensure real-time business transactions are fulfilled with high service level marks.


Direct2Abstract is the right SaaS application for abstractors to receive, process, complete and track the orders received. This powerful app will allow you to:

  • Be more productive throughout the working day
  • Focus on the orders based on the priority
  • Handle any clarifications raised by the customer
  • Stay connected real-time with the backend operations team (Place and Chase team) on order level
  • Track your invoices and payments

Title Company

Direct2Abstract is the right SaaS application for Title Companies to send and track the orders real-time and download the documents through the portal itself. This powerful app will allow you to:

  • Send the orders in single or bulk
  • Prioritize the orders as Normal or Rush
  • Build an in house operations team (Place and Chase team) or stay connected real-time with D2A backend operations team
  • Maintain abstractor relationships by inviting your preferred abstractors or by simply recruit new abstractors from our directory
  • Dashboard and customized reporting

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Mobile App Features

Turn your mobile/tablet device into a document scanner. Efficiently scan and share the documents with the customer with easy clicks.
Mobile Scanning

Turns the device, tablet/mobile, to a document scanner. Efficiently scan and share the documents with the customer through the same platform

Fast Track Orders

D2A enables prioritization, so abstractors can work more efficiently.

Online Collaboration

Abstractors, Place and Chase Team, and Customers may * Place orders * share feedback * respond to comments * put orders on hold status if required. All while keeping everyone updated on the status.

Platform Integration

Direct2Abstract is integrated with key platforms that drive your business, our design supports easy integration to any new system in the future.

Minimum Requirements

Works smoothly even on older generation smartphone hardware due to our efforts invested in design and development

Free App Updates

Don't worry about future costs, pay once and receive all app updates at no extra cost, using our cloud platform

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