A complete software designed to overcome challenges, streamline processes and improve efficiency thus resulting in increased productivity, turn time and quality.


The property report generation get complex sometimes and you are posed with TAT and cost constraint at every step.

You need a software that understands the pain points that can manage the end to end process and work efficiently to increase productivity and quality.

Direct2Title (D2T) is a property report generation platform that enables Search and tracking documents, tracking progress and property report generation using a cloud based platform with enhanced access security to manage both workflow operations and administration.

D2T Features


  • Skill and role based user registration
  • Smart dashboard
  • Mobile App for abstractors
  • Order Prioritization
  • Customer Request handling and tracking on order level
  • Online Collaboration
  • Email/SMS Notifications
  • Approvals module
  • Custom Reporting

Smart Features

  • Speech To Text conversion, spell check
  • Smart Tour for first time users
  • Orders due tracking and aging
  • Auto Assignment and distributed workflow
  • USPS Address verification
  • Special Workgroup to premium customers

Hosting & Security

  • Cloud based solution to eliminate dependency on expensive systems
  • Designed to hold huge amount of data and deliver consistent high performance
  • Enable Two factor authentication on user level
  • Multi tenant architecture to ensure security and privacy


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