Engagement Model – Offshore Software Development Studio Framework

Engagement Model – Offshore Software Development Studio Framework

Offshore Software Development Studio is an extension of the client's software engineering facility, is popular among clients, who are looking at long-term gains from their investments in research & development or an extended arm of their product development.

This model ensures that the offshore team works as an extension of the client's team and provides _

This model is usually applied in long-term partnerships with a significant amount of work. Importantly in complex projects, where it is not advisable to replace the team member during the project.


Avanze takes ownership of screening, short-listing and selecting resources. Customer provides final approval.

Avanze will provide a 2-week ramp up period on each new resource at no cost to customer

Avanze PMO to provide management oversight to the team at no additional cost

Avanze will follow a structured process to setup the team and address areas such as Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Management and Governance in order to get the highest productivity from the team

Avanze to provide complete Operational Transparency at all times

Team to act as a “Virtual Extension” of the customer – customer to benefit from Outsourcing without losing Control

Complete IP protection – from NDA/Inventions Agreements to Separate subnet, etc.

Customer has the option to transfer the India lab (including resources) after mutually agreed years of engagement

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