Empower the residential analysts to inspect any properties onsite


Prospecc is a hybrid mobile app that empower the residential analysts to inspect any properties onsite, in the field and globally – with extensive reporting and real-time dashboard. Prospecc is an access anywhere using iPhone, Android, iPad or the Web Browser, and integrates the industry best practice checklists.

Propsecc has the ability to view the inspectors close to the property to be inspected, live schedule of the inspectors and track the inspectors online. Prospecc generates reports customized to the client needs.

Prospecc Features

  • Ability to locate inspector location, and live schedule of inspectors
  • Customized template design - Capture the information that is important to you and your property owners
  • Timestamped photos – All photos are timestamped and capture the geo location at the time of capture
  • Easily bulk import all properties to be inspected into Prospecc as a CSV file
  • Assignment notifications – Inspectors can instantly know when there are orders assigned for inspection with our push notification feature on both Apple and Android devices
  • Property owners receive reminder text/email notifications 30/15 mins before arrival of inspector. Customers receive notifications on arrival and departure of inspector
  • Dynamic report template configured for every customer and respective inspection type
  • Allow customers to download the inspection report PDF from Prospecc directly
  • Cloud based solution to eliminate dependency on expensive systems
  • Smart dashboard – Real-time status of your orders
  • Online Collaboration
  • Software integration – Prospecc can be integrated to any customer property management platforms
  • Offline feature - For those inspections where there is no connectivity, our offline capabilities ensure you get the inspection done right

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